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ABC codes simplify communicating holistic, nursing and other non-MD healthcare services to insurers for reimbursement.


How it works: ABC codes include precise descriptions of your treatments and are matched with the right CPT codes and patient diagnosis as claims are filed to insurers for healthcare reimbursement.

Record Diagnosis and treatment 

IN 3 minutes or Less

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The Super Fast SuperBill 

It's as easy as A-B-C !

Increase revenues

Build patient loyalty

Expand billable services

Get your superbill now 


Acquire more patients without costly advertising

boost revenue

Boost revenue with existing patients by billing for more services

create loyalty

Create loyalty by helping patients get reimbursed

value of care

Make the value of your care visible to insurers

legal protection

Protect your practice from legal action

reduce paperwork

Reduce paperwork while increasing accuracy

what our clients are saying


“The ABC codes include over 800 nursing interventions from two existing ANA recognized nursing terminologies…not designating the ABC codes as a coding set recognized by the federal government reinforces barriers that prevent the accurate representation of healthcare services provided by all clinicians, including 2.7 million registered nurses.”

Barbara Blakeney, MS, RN

Former President of the American Nurses Association


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