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How to Qualify your Healthcare Product for Insurance Reimbursement

Insurance Reimbursement Can Make or Break Your Health Care Product

Getting your health care product covered as reimbursable can significantly impact its use by your customers. They want to know they will get paid for using your product.

That’s why health care product marketing is no longer simply about the clinical benefits of your product or technology. You need data proving clinical efficacy and economic efficiency.

But if your health care product treatment is new, how do you get a code to get your product qualified for insurance reimbursement?

Join ABC Coding Solutions on Wednesday, January 27th to learn how to get your health care product qualified for insurance reimbursement without going through costly clinical trials.

In this free webinar, we'll discuss how to:

  • Validate your product’s efficacy without a costly clinical trial - Why clinical trials only validate product safety, but insurance codes measure cost, the cornerstone of insurance reimbursement.

  • Create claims data to prove the cost-benefit to health care insurers - Discover how to get an insurance reimbursement code customized for your product.

  • Generate sales revenue faster by qualifying for insurance company reimbursement - Patient demand for your product grows more quickly when it is reimbursed by the patient’s health care plan. Find out how to use your customized codes to get providers to buy your product and file insurance claims.

Join ABC Coding Solutions for this free event and learn how you can get insurance coverage coding and payment reimbursement for your health care product.

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