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Elevated risk of CKD linked to a common Pesticide

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Today we have our first news segment, aimed at delivering the latest developments in the Alternative and Holistic medicine community.

Photo "Farming" By George Armstrong

A commonly available pesticide has just been linked to Chronic Kidney Disease in a study conducted by the University of Queensland. A sample of nearly 42,000 people was used in the study: taking data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. (NHANES) The insecticide is called Malathion. The study found that people exposed to the pesticide had a 25% increased risk of contracting the disease.

In the Science daily interview, Dr. Osborne stated: "Initially, it was suspected the condition was associated with agricultural workplaces through exposure to heat stress, dehydration, pesticide spraying, heavy metals and agrochemicals,” (“Pesticide linked” 2021) The study was initially aiming to discover the rise in cases among low and middle-income countries.

The exact cause of chronic kidney disease remains unknown, but likely avenues are spraying of pesticides and exposure to contaminated soil. Dr. Osborne goes on to explain that "-environmental contamination, pesticide residues and herbal medicines potentially containing heavy metals may also be contributing to CKD." (“Pesticide linked” 2021)

The University study is said to be the first study to link poor kidney health in humans to Malathion.

Understanding that link could be the first step to changing how we look at agriculture when it pertains to our health. When alternatives exist that don’t use pesticides, like Organic farming or perhaps the automated and robot-managed aeroponic farms emerging from the latest technology and research and consuming 95% less water, we may begin to see a future of agriculture that is far less damaging to our planet, safer for people and far less labor-intensive, resulting in opportunity worldwide to have cleaner food.

Our health is important to us all, and many great minds are working right now to improve the world we live in. This is yet another piece to the puzzle, that somehow everything we do and everything we eat and even our own mental and spiritual health affect us daily, some things more than others; and the more steps we take toward a preventative stance on health the fuller and healthier our lives can be.

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Photo by George Armstrong "Farming"


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