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ABC Code and Terminology Maintenance and




ABC codes and terminology are maintained and developed annually as individuals and health industry organizations submit code requests that reflect current practices in integrative healthcare. ABC Coding Solutions encourages the public to request and/or suggest additions, deletions, or changes to ABC codes and terminology. 

New Code and Terminology Request

ABC Coding Solutions works closely with individuals and entities requesting codes and/or terminology to assure that the information required for a new code is complete. This information is then verified through our Research Department.  Once all relevant information has been collected, a draft version of the proposed ABC Terminology (code description and expanded definition) is developed in accordance with the ABC Terminology lexicon and style sheet. This draft terminology is presented to the requesting party and, once approved, remitted to subject matter experts (SMEs) for review.

Request for Changes to an Existing ABC Code or Terminology

A request to change either the placement of an ABC code inside the code set or the terminology of a code is reviewed. If the change request is not feasible, it is abandoned. If the change request is feasible, the proposed terminology change is researched to determine whether it 1) is accurate and 2) clarifies the meaning of the existing ABC terminology. This research, if sufficiently complex, will consist of an SME review of the proposed terminology change. 

Request for Retiring (Deleting) an Existing ABC code

Once a request to retire (delete) an existing ABC code is received, ABC Coding Solutions remits the request, along with the rationale for deletion, to its SMEs for expert review.  One or more SMEs must agree to retire an existing ABC code.

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